A Stranger Paradise


Photographic essays exploring Colombia and China

28th May – 13th June


As part of the 2012 Auckland Festival of Photography – www.photographyfestival.org.nz


Auckland photographers Brodie Quinn and Edward Howie come together to explore the notion of ‘A Stranger Paradise’.


This exhibition brings together essays from China and Colombia depicting the life of two distinct places, cultures and traditions. The images show how both photographers became strangers immersed in the daily lives of these distant places to give an outsiders view of culture, practices, environment, and spaces in a sometimes humorous light. The ensuing body of work invites you into their experiences and travels throughout China and Colombia, searching for those stranger moments of others’ lives. “Paradise” is an elusive notion with diverse depictions often found in absurd places. It is this subjective notion of someone’s paradise which is explored in this exhibit of stranger encounters.


Both essays evolved from many months travel through the respective countries.  With the constant motivation to capture the unique and the absurd, the ugly and the beautiful, both photographers have collated their travelogues into one show. Presenting their work in a unique fashion ­­A Stranger Paradise embraces the old and uses recycled wooden frames and glass of many shapes and sizes – re-tooled and re-loved. Ditching the traditional gallery display model with all images hung at eye-level, evenly spaced, A Stranger Paradise is a collage of images flowing and fitting together to create an immersive narrative with the photographs working together to engage the viewer and explore the spaces and interactions of these communities.





Norman King Square, Ernie Mays St

Northcote Shopping Centre

North Shore, Auckland


Opens            5pm – 7pm Saturday 26th May

Hours            10am – 4pm (closed Queen’s Birthday)